The instructor has done a great job with the handgun.1 class.  Whether you are looking to just get more comfortable with firearms or more knowledgeable it is a great choice.  There is also an attorney that comes in and gives a lot of information about laws surrounding firearms.  10/10 would recommend this class.


What a great class!  I enjoyed Bryan and that he had an attorney come in to speak and explain the law rather than having an officer.  Not saying that it’s bad to have an officer of the law to explain gun laws, but having an attorney represent Idaho State’s law’s and thoroughly explaining them is what I feel was better.  Bryan was a hoot!  Not to mention his beliefs for our rights on pretty on par with how I understand and want!  My wife is next to take the class and I will be attending again.  Thank you Bryan, your class was just what I was looking for and now I can carry concealed without any problems nor attracting attention.  Legally!!!!


Bryan did an excellent job explaining the material needed to get your enhanced concealed carry permit.  He was very personable, knowledgeable, and easygoing.  The gentleman who gives instructions regarding the legal aspect was also a huge asset due to his expanded knowledge of Idaho laws regarding CCW.  The glass I signed up for was originally to be in August, however, Bryan had to reschedule due to personal reasons, he was very accommodating on a new date to take the class.  I gave it 4 stars because I think there is always room for improvement.  The price was great.  It would be nice to have a copy of all the material (PowerPoint slide) in an inexpensive binder to refer back to.  Increasing the cost of the class to cover such materials would not put it out of my price for everything involved.  As Bryan said in class, “this should be the start of your learning CCW, not the end.”


MoD’s enhanced concealed class exceeded my expectations…by a lot.  I’ve been shooting for 45 years and previously took a CCL class.  This class taught me things about the law, safety, thinking about situations and preparation in a different way.  I appreciated the fact that we even went to a range and demonstrated proficiency with a firearm.  I think demonstrating that you can safely and responsibly handle and shoot your weapon is a good thing.  And Bryan definitely taught me a few things to help me be better in all aspects of exercising that our gun rights in Idaho.  Strongly recommended.


This training comes with my highest recommendation.  As someone that did not grow up around guns I am a bit of a unicorn in Idaho.  I researched many courses and classes in my pursuit to learn more about handguns and acquire training that was something that I could apply to my everyday life easily.  One needs to feel comfortable when in a learning environment and often there is a lot of bravado or macho that comes along with taking many gun or handgun courses from a former military sniper or police officer.  As a “newbie” I was reluctant to sign up for many classes as I feared the instructors could not relate to someone who has never owned a gun before.  Bryan is a fantastic instructor who is passionate about helping others learn while making them feel comfortable obtaining as much education as possible.  I must share that Bryan Berg and Ministry of Defense presented a fantastic class with a ton of insightful information.  My class was much to my surprise filled with a ton of experienced gun owners even though it was a “beginner” course or the first course offered by MoD in their series of learning opportunities.  I was impressed to see that even the experienced gun owners and enthusiasts in my MoD.Handgun.1 class all learned from this class and acquired knowledge that they did not know and could apply to their everyday life.  I can without reservation say that everyone in the class learned a ton of useful information regardless of their skill level or how long they have owned a gun.  Heck half of my class all worked at a local gun shop and they too acquired a ton of knowledge which meant that everyone regardless of how long you have owned a gun should always be focused on acquiring as much knowledge as you can so that when faced with a real life scenario in which you must protect yourself you will be prepared.  Bryan and his team artfully presented information and poured out knowledge that was highly insightful and made sure it was presented in a way that was understandable and relatable.  It is without reservation that I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bryan Berg and the Ministry of Defense to ANYONE seeking to learn from a humble and dedicated group of people.  If you are looking for a great company to acquire knowledge from look no further you have found it.


I attended the Range Safety Officer training provided by Bryan Berg of Ministry of Defense Tactical Solutions.  I took this training to become certified to safely operate ranges for Scouting BSA.  Bryan is a great instructor and very professional with the materials and demonstrations.  The course was super informative and I feel leaps and bounds more prepared to handle firearm safety with Scouts.  The active participation exercises were especially helpful to actually practice the training he provided.  I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for excellent training with firearms.  Thank you very much Bryan!


I had little experience with handguns before I took Bryan’s handgun course and was a little nervous.  He made the experience very pleasant and I was able to relax and learn.  He is very professional and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Bryan to anyone wanting to learn from scratch or just needing a refresher.  Will definitely use him for further training!


I highly recommend MoD.Handgun.1 by Ministry of Defense; the instructions and interactive class is very comprehensive with an enlightened instructor.  The class is relaxed, fun and Bryan truly wants you to have a good first understanding of firearms safety, in the class and range, the law and your responsibilities when caring a firearm.  After the course, Bryan is very happy to continue to make himself available should you have any additional questions.  Truly enjoyed the course and you will too!


Just wrapped up MoD’s Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Course and it was an incredible experience.  The class was easy to book and Bryan was responsive to all questions we had prior to attending.  The venue was beautiful, the classroom was clean, organized, and he had all COVID-19 protocols in place.  The classroom content was relevant and thorough, and Bryan is an excellent instructor.  He even had an Attorney present a class on Idaho state law and self-defense considerations.  I now have a better understanding of Idaho concealed carry than any state I’ve previously held a concealed weapons license in.  We wrapped up the course with range time at Impact Guns to satisfy both IECWL requirements and to employ the training learned in the classroom.  Whether you’re a lifelong resident or you’ve just relocated from another state, it is more important than ever to take advantage of your constitutional rights and learn the principles necessary to defend yourself and your family.  I highly suggest you use Ministry of Defense Tactical Solutions.


Bryan was an amazing instructor and our group had such a great experience learning from him.  He was great at communicating with us prior-to and on the day of our training.  I appreciated how the afternoon progressed with thorough teaching prior to the actual handling of any equipment.  Safety was key!  We definitely plan to return for more training when we are back in the area.


Bryan was a great instructor for my friend and I.  I have been using guns all my life; however, my friend has never owned a gun.  Her interests are primarily for personal protection.  Ministry of Defense was recommended to me by a local gun range as a school that focuses on adapting to the needs of the students and meets them where they are at in their learning style and knowledge level.  I have taken a few other gun safety and personal protection classes in the past; I must say that Bryan was, by far, the best firearms instructor I have ever had.  He kept the class focused on the defined Handgun.1 curriculum while using different teaching methods to relate the points to the different students.  The class was fun and engaging.  It covered many aspects of gun ownership and personal protection that I had not previously considered regarding gun handling and legal implications that I found very useful.


We stopped in for a lesson with Bryan on our vacation.  And what a time we had!!!  Bryan was the ultimate professional who made everyone (four adults with moderate-to-no experience) feel comfortable with the exercises.  We spent four hours with Bryan and wished we could have stayed even longer.  Each of us received personal insight and everyone improved a great deal…not just in performance, but most importantly – knowledge and comfort.  Bryan is a special type of coach who let everyone progress at their own pace and didn’t make anyone feel “dumb”…some in our group came into the lesson feeling intimidated and Bryan made them feel right at home.  11/10…a must-do while in Idaho!!!


Bryan and the attorney, Edward, were great presenters.  Their delivery was clear and concise.  From Edward, I learned about Idaho law which was very important to me as I am new to this state.  He also gave codes so that my husband and I could further investigate and clarify.  I had a lot of fun at the range and bonded with fellow students.  I think we would all agree that Bryan showed utmost respect and care, giving individual attention, direction, and support.  Bryan was able to take the time to recognize an issue I was having and he gave me suggestions to fix them, improving my accuracy.  He was patient and was definitely safety motivated.  I would recommend this class to anyone.


I took the ECWL class from Bryan.  He is a very talented instructor.  He covered every point on self defense, concealed carry, and firearm operation.  He even had a lawyer come in to class to cover the legal issues of self defense.  The class is a very comfortable atmosphere, and the range time was a lot of fun.  Even if you’re an expert on handguns.  Just let him teach, and I guarantee that you will learn something new.  If you just bought a new gun and need some training, take the class.  Heck, if you own a firearm, take the class.  I was a little leery about the 8 hours of training that is required for the ECWL, but I had a blast!


I’m a single mom and patriot and felt it WAY past time to get equipped for handling myself in a LIFE THREATENING situation!!  Bryan Berg did a fantastic job helping me select my handgun, discussing options, and educating me on what I need, in order to be prepared for using my firearm.  He didn’t just tell me, he took me to several firearm stores in the valley and SHOWED me.  PRICELESS.  He was patient, and respectful and made me feel very comfortable while learning all this new stuff!!  He has extensive knowledge and communicates to your level of understanding whether you’re an overwhelmed beginner or a seasoned firearm owner.  I CANNOT RECCOMEND HIM HIGHLY ENOUGH!!  He helped me pick out my first handgun.  I absolutely love it!  It fits my hand perfect, has plenty of stopping power and was within my budget with all the specs I wanted.  He also directed me to some of his favorite suppliers for a belt, holster, light, ammunition etc.  We will be back soon for the next class!  THANK YOU SO MUCH BRYAN FOR A FANTASTIC LIFE SAVING EXPERIENCE!!


I was new to handgun training and a little nervous about the whole process.  I was so impressed with the level of training I received both in the classroom and at the range.  Bryan made me feel comfortable and not afraid to ask questions.  I’m so thankful I was able to receive this level of training.  I will definitely take another class and will tell all my friends.


We had the best time with Bryan!  He is such a naturally-gifted teacher, and it was invaluable the way he walked through all the basics before we even stepped foot on the range.  Our session with him quickly gave me the confidence I did not have before.  I would recommend Ministry of Defense to anyone!


Excellent class taught in a safe environment by an expert who truly knows his stuff.  I left the class feeling more confident and prepared to conceal carry.  Having the attorney available to answer legal questions pertaining to Idaho’s laws & rights was invaluable.


Excellent training!  Lots of knowledge and hands on practice with a seasoned professional.  Bryan goes above and beyond his call of duty to help his students in every way.


Excellent and knowledgeable instructor.  Very patient and knew his material.  I would take another course from him in a heartbeat.  The class was hands-on and filled with activities.  Very impressed.


I definitely recommend this course!!  MoD, Bryan was very informative, kind and funny, my son and I walked away feeling confident and great about the knowledge we had collected, I would definitely recommend MoD to all, hands down great class!


Great class, interactive, fun, educational and social.


Would highly recommend this class.  The instructor made the class interactive and interesting.  Did an excellent job of communicating before, during and after class.


I went to this class and found it to be very educational well organized and entertaining with lots of hands-on training all and all I found this class an awesome class to attend.


Had a great experience at this class.  Learned a lot and had an awesome time!  Thank you Bryan for sharing your knowledge.


Very helpful with newbies.  Willing to go above and beyond to make things safe and comfortable for your experience!  Highly recommend!


Took the ecwl class the information provided was precise and accurate would recommend to anyone looking to get their ecwl or cwl