Our Learning Culture

Our goal is to make firearms training accessible, constructive, trustworthy, and enjoyable.

It begins with respect for your time, goals, and inquisitiveness.  By the end of your training session, we hope you will think of both your firearm and your instructor as familiar old friends that you can count on.

MoD Is Our Full-Time Mission, Our Passion!

Your commitment to protecting your loved ones is matched by our commitment to helping you learn how.  There’s no “side-hustle” or “weekend job” about this for us, just as there’s no “after-thought” about your sacred role as protector.

We’re all-in, with you—together!

Continuous Improvement—We Practice What We Preach

We spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours per year in formal training with the finest instructors in the world.  In this way, we keep our perspectives fresh and our training content up-to-date.  This also gives us frequent reminders of what it feels like to be a student.

Practice With Purpose—No Wasted Ammunition

Every round we ask you to fire has an objective behind it.