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  • Pass MoD.Handgun.1; or Instructor permission


  • Learn to work from the holster safely and efficiently
  • Accelerate your gun handling exponentially—and learn why it matters
  • Improve your application of shooting fundamentals
  • Advance from range-style shooting to a defensive style


  • The holster—it’s the key element in this training
  • Follow-up shots: how to rapidly fire accurate multi-shot strings
  • Target transitions: how to shift your point of aim from one target to another
  • A defensive approach to shooting


  • Local outdoor range

What to Bring

  • Your handgun.
    • This class is strongly geared toward semi-automatics with a magazine capacity of 10 or more rounds.
  • At least three magazines—more if your magazines hold fewer than 10 rounds
  • A good GUN BELT!  The leather belt you bought at the mall is not suitable for this class.  In the near future, we will offer our favorite gun belts in the MoD Shop, but for now, we recommend a 1.5″ belt like this from Kore Essentials or this from EDC Belt Co.
  • An outside-the-waistband (“OWB”) holster.  The holster must satisfy all of the following points at the time of check-in, or you will not be allowed to attend class!
    • Must be made specifically for your gun, accounting for make, model, chambering, and other variants
    • Must be made of plastic (Kydex, polymer, etc.) or high-quality leather
    • Must rigidly hold its shape for easy, one-handed re-holstering
    • Must completely cover the trigger guard
    • Must provide at least 1G of passive retention (meaning when you tip the holster upside down, the gun does not fall out)
    • Blackhawk Serpa holsters (available at WalMart) are not safe and not permitted!
  • A double magazine pouch, or two singles.  “Bullets forward.”  We like these or these from Idaho’s own Gunfighters, Inc.
  • About 300 rounds of factory-sourced, new ammunition
    • For safety reasons, we do not permit use of HAND-LOADED or RE-LOADED ammunition.
    • For the protection of our range equipment, STEEL AMMUNITION is not permitted.
  • Approximately $15 for range fees, payable directly to the range, when applicable

Class Policies

  • Each class session must reach an enrollment “tipping point” in order to proceed as planned.  For MoD.Handgun.2, that probably means at least least four students must sign up, so be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!  In the event that the tipping point is not reached, we will contact you to discuss options.
  • All adult MoD students must submit a photo of their current driver’s license or other state or federal ID prior to class.  This is used for class security and for our own records.
  • For medical reasons, we do not allow pregnant women to participate in our live-fire exercises.