• Qualify for Idaho’s standard or Enhanced Concealed Weapons License (“CWL”) and Oregon’s Concealed Handgun License (“CHL”)
  • Gain comfort, familiarity, and skill with your firearm
  • Develop the intellectual tools to own and operate your gun safely and lawfully
  • Learn to travel with your gun lawfully, both inside and outside of Idaho


  • Firearm safety
  • Equipment: ammunition, semiautomatic handguns, revolvers, holsters, gun storage options
  • Idaho law relating to firearms and use of force
  • Lawful interstate travel
  • The fight sequence: before, during, after
  • Carry methods


  • Classroom: typically near Eagle Rd. and I-84 in Meridian, Idaho
  • Range: local; varies by season

What to Bring

  • Your handgun: this class is geared toward semiautomatics, but we discuss and include revolvers as well.
    • Please transport your gun in a case of some sort—NOT in your bare hands!
  • At least one magazine for your gun.  Revolver users can bring a speed loader if they wish.
  • At least 100 rounds of factory-sourced, new ammunition.
    • For safety reasons, we do not permit use of HAND-LOADED or RE-LOADED ammunition.
    • STEEL AMMUNITION will damage our range equipment and thus is not permitted.
  • Approximately $15 for range fees, payable directly to the range, when applicable
  • Five dummy rounds (aka, “inert rounds” or “Snap Caps”) for your firearm.  Dummy rounds must be READILY DISTINGUISHABLE from live ammunition.

Class Policies

  • Each class session must reach an enrollment “tipping point” in order to proceed as planned.  Usually, for MoD.Handgun.1, that means at least four students must sign up, so be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!  In the event that the tipping point is not reached, we will contact you to discuss options.
  • All MoD students must submit a photo of their current driver’s license or other state or federal ID prior to class.  This is used for class security and to insure critical accuracy of the state forms we prepare for you.
  • Ministry of Defense does not issue state licenses or permits.  We provide you with accredited training and documentation of your training.  You will then present the documentation, along with your application and any required fees, to the appropriate office (usually the sheriff department) in your home county.
  • Ministry of Defense makes no guarantee of any kind as to whether you will actually receive a CWL.  Variables beyond our control include whether you follow the application process completely within the one-year deadline, whether you pay your fees, and whether you pass your background check.
  • For medical reasons, we do not allow pregnant women to participate in our live-fire exercises.  If you wish to sign up for this class, please do!  But kindly let us find a time outside of the term of your pregnancy to complete the range activities.  You will not be charged extra for this service.