Edward Dindinger

Legal Instructor

Edward Dindinger

Edward delivers the state-required legal instruction for our MoD.Handgun.1 (concealed-carry) class.  And while he may be an attorney by occupation, to us, he’s a magician!  He not only covers the relevant Idaho law, but he brings it to life in a presentation that will prove engaging and formative for anyone considering firearms as a means of protecting what matters most.


Apart from his work as an attorney, Edward is an Idaho native, hunter, outdoorsman, shooter, and advocate of the 2nd Amendment.  His broad, relatable perspective makes him uniquely qualified to help you learn how to fully exercise your right to keep and bear arms in a variety of contexts.

Edward Dindinger MoD.Handgun.1

Should you need legal advice or representation, we highly encourage you to inquire with Edward’s Boise-based firm, Runft, Dindinger, Kohler, PLLC


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